CLIENT: NFL and Cirque de Soleil
ROLE: Master Planner / Lead Shoe Set Designer, Art Director
SIZE: 12,000 sq. ft.
OPENED: Nov 2017
LOCATION: Times Square, NY
On the NFL Experience, an immersive football-themed exhibit, I was the master planner and lead show set designer in the schematic and design development phases and the on-site art director in the production phase. This exhibit took the visitor behind the scenes and into the mind of an NFL player through state of the art interactives.
As master planner, I sketched quick concept plans to communicate story beats, exhibit elements, and ensure optimum guest flow. And as the lead show set designer, I communicated designs through quick sketches and reference imagery, which

​​​​​​​were used to communicate design intent to the client and set designers. I managed four set designers, QA'd the build drawings package and created several essential drawings myself.
In the production phase, as the on-site art director, I oversaw the fabrication and installation of all physical elements. I designed eight large artifact case layouts of fan-related team memorabilia that had a playful aesthetic, procured and arranged props, and designed various custom prop pieces that helped create a believable football equipment room display.