On NFL Experience, I was the masterplanner and lead show set designer in the schematic and design development phases, and the on-site art directer in the production phase at Thinkwell Group for this football themed 12000 sq. ft. exhibit in New York’s Times Square.
As masterplanner during the schematic and design development phases, I sketched quick concept plans to communicate the order of story beats, placement of exhibit elements and guest flow.
As lead showset designer, I managed four set designers where I checked for clarity and integration with audio, video and lighting.
As the on-site art director I was in charge of arranging NFL fan related team artifacts in display cases, through layout mock ups and worked with mounters to come up with mounting solutions that would assist with the fun, floating object aesthetic. I also procured and arranged props and designed various set pieces for a professional football equipment room display. ​​​​​​​